US President Donald Trump said, I will ban Chinese app TIK TOK


There was a demand to ban TIK TOK in America


US President Donald Trump said on Friday that he would stop the increasingly popular Tik Tok app in America. He said that the US authorities have expressed concern that the information obtained by it is being used by Chinese intelligence department. During a press conference, Donald Trump said that as far as concerns related to Tik Tok are concerned, we are going to ban him in America. Let us tell you that the experts of Silicon Valley had appealed to America that like India, America should also ban Tik Tok.

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These Chinese App has been banned in India before the US. Trump had also indicated earlier about the ban. He had said that the authorities have expressed concern on the subject that our information is being transmitted to the Intelligence Department of China.

Let us tell you that in December last year, the US Army had also banned the use of Tik Tok by its soldiers. He called the app a security threat. The US Navy has also imposed similar restrictions. In February, Ticketock was also agreed to pay $ 5.7 million to the US Federal Trade Commission to settle a case, including names, emails from children under the age of 13 on Ticketcock. He was accused of illegally collecting personal information like address, his location etc.

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