Trump’s target on India, China and Russia, said- do not take care of air quality


US President Donald Trump’s statement on air quality. (File photo)

Trump’s statement on air pollution
India, China and Russia targeted
Important statement given on the Paris Agreement:

US President Donald Trump alleged that India, China and Russia do not take care of their air quality while America keeps it. He called the Paris Climate Accord a ‘one-sided, energy-wasting’ and said that he withdrew from the deal which would have made America a ‘non-competitive nation’. Trump, in his address on energy, said on Wednesday that by imposing these punitive sanctions, and other than the sanctions, ‘Washington’s radical-leftist, cynical Democrats’ would send innumerable American jobs, factories, industries to China and other polluting countries.

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He said, ‘They want us to take care of our air pollution but China does not take care of it. To be honest, India does not care about its air pollution. Russia does not care about its air pollution. But we keep As long as I am president, we will always put America first. This is a very simple thing. The President said, ‘For years we put other countries first and now we will put America first. As we have seen in cities in our country, radical democrats not only want to ruin Texas oil industry but they want to ruin our country.

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He alleged that such radical Democrats do not love the country in any way. He said he had split from the unilateral, energy-wasting Paris Climate Accord. He said that it was a disaster and America had to pay billions of dollars for it. Trump said, “With the Paris Climate Agreement we would have become a non-competitive country. We canceled the Obama administration’s energy crushing jobs scheme.

He said, ‘For the first time in almost 70 years we became energy exporters. America is now the number one producer of oil and natural gas. In order to maintain this position in future, my administration is announcing today that the export authorization letter for liquefied natural gas of America can be extended till 2050.

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According to the report of Global Carbon Project published in December 2018, India is the fourth largest country to emit carbon dioxide in the world. The top four emitters in 2017 were China (27 per cent), the US (15 per cent), the European Union (10 per cent) and India (seven per cent).

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