In difficulty, the fruit governor of Kashmir, the Deputy Governor wrote a letter to the Ministry of Home Affairs for government procurement


The apple growers of Kashmir are upset due to lack of sales.

new Delhi:

Apple growers in Jammu and Kashmir are facing difficulties due to Coronavirus epidemic and Lockdown. Lieutenant Governor GC Murmu has written a letter to the Home Ministry regarding their problems. He has asked the ministry to expand the market intervention scheme. Under this, the government buys produce. Due to the Kovid-19 epidemic, fruit growers and traders are unable to sell their crops.

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Murmu stated in the letter that “the breakout of Kovid-19 has disrupted the supply chain of the market again. This has created challenges in the marketing of apples. I ask the Government of India to expand the market intervention scheme.” Request. An extension of the plan is required for at least one more year. “The letter stated that an agreed implementation mechanism for the apple of Jammu and Kashmir for 2020-21 is already in force.

Last year, the Center introduced a market intervention plan for apples for the 2019 season. With this, 15.9 thousand metric tons of apples were purchased at a total cost of Rs 70.52 crore. This step played an important role in stabilizing the price.

The officers are waiting for the decision of the government to push the plan forward. A senior bureaucrat from NDTV’s home ministry said, “We are waiting to move forward and then we will start buying this season as well.” He said that the token system of the scheme will help in maintaining social distances among apple traders. He said, “Merchants are given tokens so that they do not crowd the markets. A slip is given according to the quality, grading and quantity of their apples and then the government transfers the money directly to their banks through online.”

Apple production is the backbone of the economy of Jammu and Kashmir. The union territory accounts for 84 percent of the total production of fruits in the country with a production of more than two million metric tons and a market size of Rs 10000 crore. This industry, which provides employment to about 27 per cent of the people in Jammu and Kashmir, has been suffering a continuous loss mainly due to frequent closure of national highway, market integration and information asymmetry between Srinagar and Jammu. A senior Valley official said that “MIS for apples for Jammu and Kashmir empowered the apple growers and boosted their confidence. It ensured stopping private trade in very challenging conditions. Procurement came directly from the producers and the response to the plan Was too much. ”

Apple growers say the scheme helped them a lot last year, when the former state was closed after the repeal of the special situation. Abdul Wani of Shopian said, “This plan is very good for us. After the abolition of Article 370 last year, we were very concerned about our yield but the Center helped us. We did no harm. Hopefully this They will approve this plan for the year as well. ”

Zafar said, “This year due to Corona we are facing many issues related to transportation. We have to test before we are allowed to go out of the state. That is why we want the government this year also through NAFED Allow purchase. ” According to Ahmed Mir, an apple grower, last year the money was transferred directly to individual bank accounts through MIS. Fruit growers in the valley have similar experiences with planning.

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