Doctors cure 105-year-old Corona virus-infected woman and give ‘Idi’ to her family


In Delhi, a 105-year old Afghan woman, Rabia Ahmed, defeated the corona virus. He was sent off from the hospital.

new Delhi:

A 105-year-old elderly Afghan woman in Delhi has been successful in defeating the coronavirus. After being on ventilator for a week, the woman became fully healthy. He has been discharged from the hospital. On this occasion, the people of his family thanked the doctors. Doctors cured the elderly woman before Eid and gave her family Id. The elderly woman was admitted to Sharda Hospital.

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Doctors at Delhi’s Sharda Hospital have given a new life to a 105-year-old corona-infected Afghan woman who has been fighting for her life on a ventilator for seven days. Due to the special supervision and care of the doctors, he is completely fine now. He and his family thanked the doctors and staff members of Sharda Hospital. The victim’s grandson said that the doctors had given Idi to his family before Bakrid. On Friday, during the discharge of Rabia, Additional District Magistrate Diwakar Singh, Additional Chief Medical Officer, Dr. VK Singh, gave the woman a good luck.

Sharda Hospital spokesperson Ajit Kumar said that 105-year-old Rabia Ahmed, a resident of Corona-infected Afghanistan, was admitted to Sharda on July 16 after being examined in a private hospital in Noida. When the patient was brought, he had fever, severe breathlessness and pneumonia. He is also suffering from Alzheimer’s. She was not identifying any relatives when she was admitted here. In the investigation, urine infection and ECG were also not normal. He was immediately shifted to a critical stage ventilator after being hit by acute respiratory disorder syndrome (ARDS). Treatment was started under ICMR and Sharda protocol. After seven days of ventilator support, his condition started improving. He was given a diet with high level protein. After this, he was shifted from the ventilator. As soon as the treatment was effected, he started recognizing the staff in the ICU. Now his condition is much better. She is also taking food and drink properly. He was discharged from the hospital on 31 July after Corona’s report came negative on 30 July.

The untiring efforts of the doctor and para medical team resulted in the patient recovering after 15 days and went home. At the time of discharge, the medical staff sent flowers to the woman. Please tell that the granddaughter of Rabia has done BDS course from Sharda University itself. While going home, Rabia thanked the hospital staff and said that the entire team took care of her proper. This improved them very rapidly. Due to the doctors and staff here, she could be healthy in such a short time.

His grandson Ahmed Fawad, who came to pick up the woman, said that before Bakrid, the hospital has given him an unbeatable gift. Seeing grandmother, her eyes filled up. He said that now everyone in the house will read Eid ul Juha prayers together and celebrate Eid.

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