Corona virus epidemic expected to last ‘long’: WHO


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The World Health Organization warned on Saturday that the corona virus epidemic is likely to be “prolonged”. This statement has been released after the meeting to evaluate the situation regarding the epidemic. The WHO Emergency Committee gave information about the long-lived COVID-19 epidemic.

Explain that amidst all efforts, records of new cases of corona virus in India are being broken everyday. According to the latest data released on Saturday by the Ministry of Health, in the last 24 hours, the maximum number of 57,118 new cases of Covid-19 has been reported. After which the total number of infected cases has reached the figure of 17 lakh. Explain that the total number of infected people has been 16,95,988. During this time 764 people have died, after which the total number of dead has increased to 36,511. At the same time, 10,94,374 people have managed to recover by defeating this virus.

Talk about recovery rate, it has increased to 64.52 percent with a slight increase, while the positivity rate has also gone up to 10.86 percent.

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