American teenager turned ‘mastermind’ in Twitter hacking case


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San Francisco:

In a case of Twitter hacking in the US, a teenager is accused of being the mastermind of the conspiracy. A criminal case has been filed with him against two others. Who used celebrity accounts to cheat more than 100,000 people in the cryptocurrency scheme. A case has been registered against a 17-year-old teenager from Florida. The teenager has been arrested. In July, the US Attorney’s Office in San Francisco accused three Britons for their role in a cyber attack.

US officials said 19-year-old Mason “Shaivon” Shepard from the UK, along with 22-year-old Nima Fazli, is a Florida teen accused in the case. Details about the third person have not been released by US authorities because he is a minor. There is also talk of prosecuting this Florida teenager as an adult in the case.

The Twitter attack involved a combination of “technical violations and social engineering”, with hackers using accounts from politicians, celebrities and musicians.

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